Empowering Community Voices in Resource Development


Working to Provide support to organizations

The Coalition will work with all organizations and agencies that are advocating and supportive of BC’s resource development.

Advocating to the Provincial Government

Advocate to the provincial government that necessary and adequate funds, programs and staffing are dedicated to regional health and educational institutions, ministries providing key infrastructure to northern British Columbia, including transportation and other provincial services.

Promoting best practices to organizations

Promote a Best Practices Program to recognize companies that have exemplary local content practices.

Advancing Legislative Proposals on Fairness

Formally advance the legislative proposals for PST changes in the province of British Columbia, ensuring that businesses and industries serving the resource industries can compete fairly with non-resident companies.

Supporting responsible resource development

The Coalition will continue to support responsible resource development and projects approved by the provincial and federal governments.

Advancing a BC energy plan

Formally advance to the province a proposal for a BC Energy Plan.